Fifth Love - 孤悲

第五爱 – Solitary Suffering

About Fifth Love

Life is so captivating, and yet so treacherous.

Fifth Love is a quasi-autobiographical account of a high school student who grew up quicker than he would have liked. His carefree childhood was interrupted by several mishaps, including his best friend moving away and his family breaking apart. Now in his sophomore year, he seeks to resolve his loneliness and dissatisfaction through five different routes which all bring him closer to the inner peace he desperately wants.

Quick rundown:

  • Genre: Visual novel | Slice of life, drama, romance. Meant to be inspiring.
    • Four routes plus an unlocked True Ending.
    • Not an eroge or a dating sim; most of the relationships are meant to be platonic. It is a coming of age story before it is a love story.
  • Technical: Using the Ren’Py visual novel engine; so far, it seems to be able to handle the game complexity we have envisioned.
    • Looking for GUI developer to eventually help with making the game look less bad; get in touch with us if this interests you!
  • Length: Anticipating 500K-1M words. Meant to be accessible but still a significantly sized read. We are aiming to tell a moving story, and will try to do it in as few words as possible without skimping.
  • Current developmental phase: Writing and building the general game structure. Figuring out the logistics of development.