Haven’t posted in months (other commitments and projects), but suddenly really wanted to write. Read my twelve-page side story here.


In this mortal world,
Do the mighty peaks and vales
Mourn his lonely fall?

This is supposed to be a prelude of sorts to Mentor’s backstory.

There is a lot that I don’t want to reveal, but the gist of it is that Mentor was an orphan taken in by a prominent piano teacher and trained to a high level. She won a national youth competition and then registered in her first international competition at the age of fifteen. There was a controversy around her participation, because she played despite not showing up on time to the final round. That would be the very last time she appeared in a piano competition.

At the age of fifteen, Mentor started at MC’s high school in sophomore year (one year behind her peers), and forms the Birdbrains with MC and BestF, her first best friends. That would be one year before the start of the events of Fifth Love.

However, none of this is directly explained in the text here. Rather, it is about a certain reporter and his daughter, who have been travelling the world while he writes for newspapers and magazines (and secretly works on his personal writing projects).

There isn’t much plot-wise, but I hope you enjoy the dialogue 🙂

Some details on this scene:

  • Introduction of Rival’s father, Ancra Atlas (崔连峪, or Cui Lianyu). It is revealed that he uses the Japanese pseudonym “Takashi Renyoku” (a transliteration of his name into Japanese) when he does journalistic work; later on, he is shown to have multiple alternate identities (for example, Muraji, a Japanese pronunciation of 连) which he uses in his many mysterious interactions.
    • Rival, also known as Collis Atlas, is called Haruka by her father. This is the Japanese pronunciation of the character 遥, the middle character of Collis’s Chinese name.
    • Their two names, 崔遥峰 and 崔连峪, mean “distant peak” and “flowing valley” respectively.
  • Mentor’s background is heavily alluded to. Her previous identity of Akahoshi Ran 赤星榄 haunts her during the main events of Fifth Love. “Olea Rubenstella” is a direct callback to her name; 赤星 and Rubenstella mean “red star”, while 榄 and Olea mean “olive”.
    • Mentor’s nickname is somewhat of a play on words for her name. 榄 means “olive”, and she hated this meaning. So, her teacher began calling her Hanawa, which means “wreath”.
    • Mentor’s teacher name hasn’t been decided on, yet. I am not sure what would be most fitting 😦