This is a concept piece for the visual novel Fifth Love.

The teetering heights of humanity
are rivaled only by
the dark depths of our lonely souls.
~ The Suffering Dawn

Feigning pride in sinful name,
accepting shame and endless hate.
The badge he wears.

Suppressing boundless primal rage,
lamenting thriving off of death.
The flesh he tears.

Enduring through his lonely march,
soothed only by intrepid void.
The pain he bears.

A word of caution to our reader:

Never trust a poet

Who likens himself to


He feigns acceptance of his badge,
Suppresses his lamentation of all in the flesh,
Endures his soothing pain.


stars shining


A feral creature of the forest,

Or the saint of troubled souls?

The poet cries:

Live with head held high,

O azure dragon!

The silent reply deafens the ear.

Born to bear with the void in the march.

Tear through, tearfully, with deathly rage,

Your adorned, worn hateful name.

The Fable of the Wolf

rots in the cartridge of your pen.