Check out our new scene and see a major turning point in Morn and Collie’s strained rivalry.

The pains of the past and the discomfort of their high school cold war culminates in a series of delicate moments where the must finally come to terms with their conflicted feelings towards one another.

On one hand, they know that they are each the “one that got away” for the other. They complemented each other perfectly in childhood and would continue to do so if there weren’t a wedge between them in the form of misunderstandings and misfortune. And yet on the other hand, the gulf which only continues to grow between them seems to be insurmountable, even without all the prior baggage. The feeling of impending doom for their rocky relationship drives them to resolve their mixed feelings quickly before they seemingly invariably become separated once again by the hand of fate.

It turns out that what the world bestows upon you can also be taken away on a whim. This is their second lesson in this cruel fact.

This scene was mostly a first take on the strained conversational style the two share. We wanted to aim for an atmosphere that is smooth from their level of comfort with one another, yet also exhibits a tangible distance or apprehension. It was also a test to see how smoothly we should bring in philosophical, epistemological, and scientific concepts while staying true to this mood.

Morn and Collie’s unique dynamic can only be brought through by carefully crafting the moments they share alone, given the intentional ambiguous front they try to exhibit to one another when around other people. The idea is that the choices the player makes for their public interactions only slightly change the result in the moment, but shifts the course of their attitude toward one another.

Hopefully, we can refine this as the project moves forward.

Rival’s sprite should be coming in the next week or so. Our artist is currently nursing a health issue while also juggling her professional engagements, so we hope to be able to get over this hump soon.

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