Our newest scene, “March of the Wise Morons“, is the first part of a series of scenes which establish the main story. The next scene after this is “Convergence”, where we meet Rival again after many years.

Hello! It is early morning right now and I should be sleeping before summer school (eight hours of class on four days a week…), but I was so excited about this scene that I decided that sharing it is more important than rest >:)

Last time, I talked about how the next scene I post will be about bumping into Rival again. That was the original intent; when I was rewriting the scene “Convergence”, I planned it to be a more detailed account of the first day of school, right from the moment he wakes up to the point where he meets Rival again and has his first real conversation with Homeroom Teacher. However, the scene of him waking up and the hectic sequence of events which take place that morning became interesting enough for it to be a full scene of its own.

Before I comment on this scene today: I am so grateful to the people who read this and gave comments beforehand. There were many small issues with the writing and flow, and through their advice the narrative turned out much better.

This is the first scene where Vesper Egens (“Eve”) is shown. Morn’s relationship to Eve stays about this distant in every route except for Sister’s own route. Even in the true ending, the two twins never reach the level of closeness they once had in the past or even to the level they achieved in the Sister route; however, the key is in their newfound mutual understanding and acceptance.

Some notes concerning Mother, or Eroica Vici: Notice how her last name is not Egens, like her children. This is because she never changed her surname after marriage. This is modeled after my own mother and many other Chinese mothers, who retain their family name even after marrying. This also helps to set a stage of her vs. the two Egens at home, as the family conflict develops.

(Very generally: Morn and Eve’s father passed away when they were very young. Their paternal grandfather ended up helping to support the family through a part-time job and babysitting the twins during daylight hours. He also got the two interested in math and science. However, tensions at home resulted in Eroica expelling Grandfather from the household. Morn and Eve both note that this was the real moment of losing their father, and hold their mother culpable for patricide.)

I hope you enjoy this scene! Expect “Convergence” to be next!