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I fell in love with Schumann’s “A Conversation in the Woods” the very first time I heard it, and somehow it seemed perfectly fitting to be the piece that MC and Romance play together during their first time seeing each other’s music first-hand.

You will notice that in this scene, Romance is still unnamed. This is because this is one of two “optional scenes” (the other being seeing Romance for the first time working in a certain restaurant) before Mentor (Kea) formally introduces the two together, who realize they have known each other for a while (they saw each other around ever since the last year of middle school).

You might be pleased to know that she does, in fact, have a name decided for her (and also a little something after the end of this commentary :D). Her name is Juniper Clemens (“June”). Juniper is used to make gin (she is quite the intoxicating character) while also referring to eternal youth (a Peter Pan-esque fear of growing up). Clemens is Latin for merciful and mild, which to a extent describes her character role (she is one of two “new cast” who “saves” MC from his old routine and circumstances).

Last time I put out a writing sample (the post is here), I don’t think I quite explained the other names. So I’ll do a rundown here:

  • MC – Aurora Egens (“Morn”). His first name means “dawn” and his last name means “poor” or “destitute”. It refers to his past suffering, which he has already somewhat come to terms with.
  • Sister – Vesper Egens (“Eve”). Her first name means “evening” and also refers to the Evening Star Venus. It refers to her difficulty in moving on from their family issues from before and in her continuing struggle to come to terms with it. (She was only referred to in the scene, but eh.)
  • Mentor – Olea Rubenstella (“Lea” or “Kea”). Her first name means olive, which is connected in meaning to great success (which is a hint at her illustrious past). Her last name sounds like Rubinstein’s, while also meaning “red star” (that is, a star which has shone for a long time). It doesn’t have anything to do with communist ideology. Trust. Meanwhile, her nickname refers to her talkative attitude, her place in “the mountains” (greatness), and her incredible innate logical skill (for a birdbrain).
  • Best Friend – Conari Pons (“Conor” or “Canary”). His first name means “striving”, which refers to his “model student” attitude. Pons means bridge, relating to his position as the first person in the story to “cross over into adulthood” (graduate then move on to his next stage in life, while Mentor is more lost). Pons is also a neuroscience term, referring to his interest in the subject. (This name was based off of 大桥 要太, the name of one of my dear friends ;)) His nickname is a reference to the fact that he, like a canary, is the “first victim” in an impending tragedy (he experiences dissatisfaction with his life choices first).
  • Math Club Recruit – Miles Audax. If “audacious soldier” isn’t the manliest name ever, I don’t know what is.

These are the relevant names for now. I will explain more as we release more samples! (Also, I have exams and a long-ass essay due >.>)

Your reward for getting to the end of this short explanation: a picture of Juniper ❤

romance_color - web.jpg

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