Fifth Love - 孤悲

第五爱 – Solitary Suffering

Fifth Love Development Blog

Hello, dear reader. Thank you for your visit.

This is the development blog for the (distantly) upcoming visual novel Fifth Love. Please enjoy the work we put into this documentation project. We hope that this will be a good supplement to the game in the future.

Our tentative posting schedule is once or twice weekly. Expect to see updates which include standalone content (like art and writing) related to the VN, descriptions of the plot concepts and themes we are using, developmental roadblocks, calls for help, and more!

Please enjoy your stay.

Currently working on:

  • Expanding community
  • Gathering and re-organizing creation of music and art
  • Finding more writers

Join our Discord to get involved in the process! Message the members concerning being approved to be a reader 🙂